Mac X-Pertz

Hey people like MiG who know lots about Macs,

Do you see any really new fandangled things coming out this year in the way of macs? The reason I ask is because my sister and her bf need a computer but they’re both college students and don’t really want to spend the money on a brand new one, but they’d buy the one I built off me.

Well, if I sell my computer to them, then it’d mean buying an iBook, which will be a school supply for next year so I can use my scholarshop money to buy it, but I’m wondering if it’d be useless to buy one now because something newer and better may come out in the summer for the same price as the iBook’s now.

I’m not overly concerned about having the ‘newest technology’, as my computer was built primarily with stuff on blowout sales on, but I’d like the iBook to last me at least two years worth of university before a bunch of new software comes out.

If anyone’s wondering, the program I’ll be using it for will be new media based, so I’ll be buying adobe cs2 and flash and likely just use the computers at school for final cut pro. I know I’d be better off with a powerbook but I’m so used to loading times that I feel an iBook would be more than enough for me.

Thanks in advance.

Also, I should mention that if I get into the program I’m leaning towards right now, my second year of school would be totally different and a photography program instead of new media, so I’d be working with large photo files so I may go with a 12-inch powerbook or stick with the original plan of 14-inch iBook. I don’t want to spend too much, though, because CS2 is over $1,000 unless I can find a copy of the original CS or buy just the essentials.

Don’t buy it until you need it.

Wait for the new models.

All the new Macs will be intel-based soon (the iMac and the MacBook are Intel now, so expect the other models to follow soon).

Don’t worry about software, there are other sources. If you’re going to school, you’ll get a bunch of discounts. E-mail me if you need more info.

Thanks Mig,

I saw the Intel thing on the front page of the site and wasn’t sure what to think with that. I haven’t been following any technology news since around the year 2000 so I’m pretty out of touch with what’s going on out there.

My sister isn’t back to school until next fall when her program starts back up, so I’m hoping she won’t be needing a computer until then so I can pass mine off to her.