Mac Softwar PC-Piss help!

Alright… This is just a basic installing and running of a program and I am utterly confounded. I will try to do my best to describe what’s up, but it’s basically like this:

I have a MULTIMEDIA ATLAS OF HISTOLOGY CD. My roommate puts the CD into his PC, the installer comes up, he installs it and he can now enjoy that software. I put the CD into my MacBook Pro and nothing happens. I open up the CD and here is what I find:

Folder “0” (Containing): A bunch of different setup files with a SETUP.PKG
Folder “2” (Containing): A bunch of other setupd files, a .wav file, and another SETUP.PKG

I click on INSTALL.EXE and this pops up:Â There is no default application specified to open the document “INSTALL.EXE”. (Cancel) (Choose Application…)

I don’t know what to do about that?

I open the README.txt and it says:

Minimal hardware and software requirements:

  • 486DX-40
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 20 MB HDD free capacity
  • 256 colour video driver (800 x 600)
  • sound card
  • CD ROM drive
  • Windows 95.

Before you start the installation, make sure the screen mode is set to SMALL FONT
and the resolution of your monitor is at least 800 X 600 pixels or higher. Although the program
works in LARGE FONT mode as well, this is not recommended for aesthetic reasons.
Start Windows Explorer and select the CD-ROM drive. Run INSTALL.EXE from the root of your
CD-ROM drive. The program will automatically install A Multimedia Atlas of Histology into the
specified directory of the drive of your choice.*

So basically, I have no idea how to get this program installed on my Mac? I would really like it to be going, but it seems like nothing doing.

Any ideas?

It’s not mac software so it can’t play it, it was designed for PC.  .exe files can’t be run by mac unless you’re on bootcamp or parallels or something.  I dunno much about doing that stuff but since you never mentioned running it I’m assuming you’re not.

No, I’m not rockin’ Bootcamp.

Is there no other way to make use of this software?  It’s REALLY important stuff…

Run windows. Like he said exe is not mac compatable. 

Parallels or Virtual PC is your only bet.

What are the files on the CD?  Are they graphics files? 

You have a mac book pro why not install windows xp ? it’s easy and works great.

your cd is really old it uses windows 95 EKK.

Well, I guess they’re graphic files… They’re basically pictures of Microscope slides that have “click-able” links for hearing descriptions of what you’re looking at.  It’s basically a ‘slide-show’.

What is this Parallels or Virtual PC that you’re on about, Mig?

What’s the deal with Boot-camp and how do I get it goin?  Does it cost any Forints?

If you have a PowerPC Mac, you’ll want Virtual PC, which allows you to run Windows inside Mac OS X.

if you have an Intel Mac, you’ll want Parallels, which allows you to run Windows inside Mac OS X.  Also, if you have an Intel Mac, you can just dual-boot (with Bootcamp), though that’s a pain in the ass to have to reboot.

It’s free. It’s basically software like a boot option to allow you to boot to windows or mac. When you install it, it will make you a drivers cd for windows xp but you need service pack 2. The new version 2 or 1.5 allows you to adjust your partition space. Before it was default to 5gig’s.

It’s really nice. Trust me i know lots of tech that buy the mac-book’s & macbook-Pro’s because of this feature they can run windows in live time with out emulators slowing the os down. It’s exactly like running windows xp on a pc nothing different.

Need any more help just post.


Cool, well if it doesn’t slow down the computer then I’m game!

I guess I just need to know how to install it and what to do?

start here… download the 180mb file. Do you have a legit or a russian version of winodws xp with sp2 ? and a blank cd ?


Damn Sam the Coconut Man!

My CDs are back in Canada… but I can get them out here.


If I have XP legit on my computer back home (that my parents use), is there going to be any problem with using the SAME Legit windows over here?  Both computers belong to me…

Um, Jason’s assuming you have an Intel Mac.  Do you?

If not, you’ll need to get Virtual PC going instead.

BTW, I think Parallels is much better than Boot Camp on an Intel Mac.  You don’t have to reboot to use windows, and you can run Mac OS X stuff alongside the Windows stuff.

Yes, I’ve got an Intel Mac.  So Parallels is the way to go?


Nah it’s only slow if you don’t know how to set it up :wink:

Runs at full speed for me.  Just need to make sure you don’t give it more RAM than you have available, otherwise it will start swapping.

It’s not emulated, it’s full speed.

It sounds like you’re running some old software… darwine might work for you, doesn’t require installing windows or the likes, but can be pretty sketch for some software (newer software, mostly)

I only used it for a hour. I have a G4 1.67gig powerbook i ditched the macbook pro.

that’d be your problem then :wink: