Mac Question

FF 3.0 is out.  My daughter has a nice shiny Macbook running FF  I’d like to upgrade to FF 3.0.  Is this as simple as downloading the new 3.0 installer, dragging to the trash and installing 3.0?  Do plug-ins work okay with 3.0?
Thanks for any and all replies:-)

You can even skip a couple of steps.  Download FF3, open the disk image (it may open automagically).  Then drag the Firefox icon to the Applications icon right next to it.  Done.

If you’re bored, check out – download one of the nightly builds and check out the javascript speed.

Damn Macs are so easy I can never remember how I did anything so I can tell someone else!
I just remember it was done before she finished peeing (that’s the only time I get near the Mac)…

Thanks, MiG:-)  I appreciate the help! :smiley:
herbie:  Yeah, I never get near the Macbook, my kid is always on it…(unless she needs an upgrade). :smiley:

Thanks, MiG.  Macbook updated to FF 3.0:-)

:frowning: I want a new Mac…

They are very nice indeed.  My daughter loves hers.  Good value for your money in my opinion! :sunglasses:

Oh totally, and really I probably don’t need one just yet. Cause its not like this Powerbook G4 is a piece of crap. Its a sturdy little bugger. And it does all I really need it to do.

But new and pretty and …drool