Mac Question

So I just bought myself a 12" Powerbook from Ebay.  (First Ebay purchase =D )

I was wondering what kind of applications there are for torrents. Right now I have Tomato. Is there something that is similar to BitComet? Similar in the sense that it keep a nice list of what you have downloading.

Also I was wondering what programs are must have? I’ve snagged vlc, word and adium. Any suggestions for more?

PS. I <3 this wee thing!

Pps. “Thats what she said!”

hey, congrats.  How much RAM does it have?  I might have a stick or two of RAM, depending on things…

I also have a bunch of apps and stuff if you’d like…

as for Torrents:

Make sure you turn on the encryption options in the configuration.  I’m not sure if Citywest does traffic shaping on torrent traffic, but Rogers certainly does.  I’m in St. John’s right now, and the speed is night and day with and without encryption.

CPU Type: PowerPC G4  (1.1)
  CPU Speed: 1 GHz
  Memory: 768 MB

Its nothing too fancy. But it came with a 100gig harddrive and a fairly new battery. Plus its so cute and tiny!

Commence Hello Kitty Sticker Coverage!

Oh and thanks so much for the help! :smile:

Pardon my ignorance but I don’t know anything about BitTorrent.

From a brief search it looks like Azureus is a Java BitTorent client ie. a system of file-sharing distributed among users.

What kind of files are shared and what use can you make of this program?

You can download anything and everything if you know where to look. :smiley:

LOL, very true.

Oh I know that you can download pretty much anything. I was just wondering if people had suggestions. :smile:

Well the basic software you need is msn aim and office. Maybe trie ilife iworks and stuff :smile: