Mac Pograms like as PC?

Do new Macs come with any basic word processors comparable to Word?  Or is what you’re going to get when you buy iWork '06, as in Pages?

The preview for Pages is very picture and layout heavy…  I’m mostly concerned about sompin’ that can handle the ol’ Black 'n White letters grouped into words, and words into paragraphs.  Like as for essays… or theses…


I have a Dell AXIM and it’s running the Pocket version of XP with Pocket Office (PoketWORD, PoketEXCEL, PocketETC.).  Is it going to be compatible with Mac OS X on the MacBook Pro?

I often use the PDA for writing PocketWORDS, which I then transfer to PC for doing some final edits with normal WORD.  Will I still get that if I don’t neccessarily have the Mac version of Office?

What’ll I need to do to get both PDA and MacBook Pro workin’ on the same level?

Microsoft Office 2004 is available for the Mac in all the usual places, including the Russians.  It runs well on the Macbook Pro.

For sync’ing, try this:

Again, available in all the usual places, including the Russians.

macs are awesome Charles_T! you can even get a Lindsay Lohan screensaver for them!!

Hey cool thank’s mig

Also, if you haven’t used Mac OS X before, you should read stuff like this tutorial until you’re an expert.

I always turn off the keyboard shortcuts to spotlight and install Quicksilver as well.