Mac OS X Streaming Problems

I’ve spent some time Googleing similar problems, but I haven’t found any answers…

Whenever I stream a video, no matter what size (but always with the larger one), it streams to varying amounts of completion, but then the streaming just stops!

I believe that I’m mostly using the Quicktime to view, but the same thing happens with YouTube and Google Video…

Anyone else know what’s up?  How to solve this? MiG?

ALSO  More Importantly  When I’m downloading larger files, the download halts after some time, so I just STOP IT then REFRESH IT and it continues off from where it stalled.

This happens with any file over 1MB (because it never halts before 1MB is downloaded) (especially with the .ppt files that I’m downloading from school, but that’s just because they’re more frequent).

Help, Danny!!

Doesn’t sound like a streaming problem at all.  Sounds like an internet suckage problem.  Any large transfer is interrupted?  What kind of internet connection do you have?  Are you losing packets?

Can you try pinging a school computer with the terminal? ie:

ping or something? 

I’m using T-Online for Internet, and it’s 4MB DSL.  I’m 4meters from the wireless router.

Basically ALL large transfers are updated.  I’m not sure if I’m losing packets… How would I know that?

I pinged and it was only a few seconds and 56 data bytes

What does that mean?

What’s ?

When you ping from the terminal, it should keep going for a bit.  When you stop it (with control-C) it will give you some stats.

ping -t    with windows, otherwise it only sends 4 pings.

ping -t -l 1200          will send a 1200 byte packet & tell you if the link is overloaded or has bad connectivity

( repeat: for Windows users … )

Sounds like a router Buffer problem. All 4 people downloading surfing, router freeses for a quick second, then the computer is lost because it has lost its connection to the out side world.

What kinda router you have ?

Try using a Ethernet cable to the router and see if it does it.


You said a School Computer, MiG…  I just assumed was a site?

I guess I don’t fully understand this “pinging” business.

As for the router, I’m using a SMC Wireless.  And there are many slampas connected to it.

I tried using the Ethernet Cable and that solved the problem.

Also, I connected to my Neighbor’s WiFi and there were no streaming problems with that one either.

So, does this point more signs towards Router Buffer Problem?

How does one repair such problems?

Try changing the channel on the wireless router?  Enable “interference robustness” or whatever it’s called?

90% chance your router and the neighbour’s are both on Channel 6.
Switch yours to Channel 1 or 11. Channels 1, 6, 11 are the most robust channels.

Interference Robustness was always on (with regards to the Mac, right? - There isn’t one on the router?).

Indeed my router was on 6, the same as a neighbor I can’t connect to.  The neighbor’s WiFi that I streamed with was on 11, so I’ve now made mine 1.