Mac mini

Just was cruising around the NCIX site and see they have a Panasonic home theater system…Its about a 100 bucks cheaper at East Wind than NCIX has it listed on their site.

On another note those new Mac Mini’s where in Canada can one purchase these? I think I can swing getting one… is the best place. It will be a few weeks before they’re shipping, though.

I ordered an iPod Shuffle the day it was announced, and the shipping date was in 5 days. Then I ordered another one, and the shipping date for that was 3 weeks.

So you might have to wait a bit to get the new stuff.

Ok thanks…I hit that site just after posting my message. The CAN price is doable…

I can scavange the rest of the stuff from parts and whatnot that I have around. Would at least get me started, but probably eventually buy at least a new keyboard/mouse etc later.

Check to see what kind of RAM it takes, etc. Mac OS X loves RAM.

Let me know about software, I have a bunch.

Yes the basic specs on the system is only 256M and thought that was a little on the low side.

My iBook is a G3 800mhz, with 384 MB of RAM, and it’s ok. I actually use it more than any other computer.

My work computer is a G4 Powerbook, and it has a gig of RAM, and it works nicely. I drive an external monitor, keyboard, mouse etc with it. Before I added the RAM, it was at 256 MB. The extra RAM definitely made a big difference. The mini is a faster CPU and bus speed than my work computer, so it should perform much better, but it definitely needs RAM.

Yeah osx loves ram. My g3 450 has 768 i took out a 256 to test a pc this weekend and wow what a speed difer… Keith these little mac mini’s are perfect for ya cheap too and just in the right range too : O

There’s another strategy … if you have multiple systems on your desk and they all have monitors and you don’t want to have multiple keyboards 'n meeces, you should take a look at KMremoteControl from

Simply put, KMremoteControl is a software keyboard/mouse switcher (i.e., KVM without the “M” part). I’ve been using KMremoteControl for quite some time (in a different setup) and it works really well. Hope this helps.