Mac and Wii

If anyone has an Intel Mac and a Nintendo Wii you can use the two of them together to make a poor mans AppleTV.

Ive just set this up and it works pretty well. Music playing via iTunes is fine, but video is a touch laggy. It is still watchable, but I have a really old wireless access point, (almost 5 yrs old now) which is just a wireless bridge, that is probably the cause of the lag. Slideshows via iPhoto is pretty good too.

Its not AppleTV but if you cant plunk down the $250 for an AppleTV this works too.

Is your wireless router 802.11b?  I use AppleTV on a 802.11g network, and it streams just fine from a Mac – it buffers enough to not stutter if there’s any significant traffic.

On the other hand, the AppleTV does the sync thing with my favourite shows and podcasts, so most of them are local.

The other cool thing about AppleTV is that you can control it using an iPhone or iPod Touch.  But I guess that’s not as sexy as the wiimote :wink:

Yes the AP is an ancient 802.11b wireless bridge that plugs into an equally ancient Linksys router (long before they were bought out by Cisco).

I have not played with Wii Transfer much yet. I just registered it 15 mins ago and my kid is on the Wii now playing a game so I cant really test the registered version out yet. It was only 20 bucks.

I probably will get an AppleTV at some point, but I have been wanting to get some new wireless gear as this AP doesnt even do WEP very well, and that is all it does. I had to get somewhat creative to lock it all down without using encryption because of the crappy implentation of WEP. At least it will reduce the amount of wires and plugs a bit by getting a single router to replace the AP and router I have now.

One of the things Wii Transfer does is convert video to another format for streaming and that in itself might be a bit of an issue as well.

I did not know that you can use the iphone and touch to control appletv either. That is kinda cool too.