M J has a another sis?



Those dirty stinkin’ apes.

Hey, that’s ignorant. Don’t be so ignorant.

nah, thats just micheal after his sex change.

Awe, dry your eyes :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Isn’t strange how some people don’t see these pictures until a year or two after they have been circulating through emails and such?

Not strange at all, what is strange is that some people notice stupid detailed things that I don’t give a flying fuck about. So there. :unamused:

What’s so detailed in knowing that comparison came out in 2001 when Planet of the Apes was re-made? Climb out from under your rock and get a healthy dose of 2004 before it’s gone.

So…how old are you again Wild Gotham ? :unamused:

I certainly cannot tell you. It is my right. Are you at CHSS?

Just by you asking that, we can tell you’re under 18. And from your little cut and paste spree earlier, we can tell your IQ is less than 60.

There’s a 1974 Cougar XR-7 in the PG Bargain Finder for $500.



Oh you are sooo smart with an IQ between 60 & 61. Why do people with a HIGH IQ of 60.4398764 think they are so smart. Oh smartass. That explains where brains are. :laughing:

Too bad HTMF didn’t have a user ignore option.

Yeah… there should be a user ignore option that gets rid of all grade 8 boys, except for those with huge hairdoos and irish parents.

Damn eh, well that’s what happends when ya piss me off. Turn this sweet gentle person into Satan himself. Thank you very much.

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Besides, I am way too far out of town to suiey bomb your ass

[quote=“Eso”]There’s a 1974 Cougar XR-7 in the PG Bargain Finder for $500.



Do it, just do it.

I go to CHSS. I want to find out who this Wild Gothan feller is.

My relationship with that young man is mutual. I get free food often enough, often in the form of french fries, and he gets a friend. :wink: