Lower parking lot Rupert Square

Anybody know if the strip of roadway from 1st. Ave west that goes by Wayne Place and then branches off to Home Hardware and to the right to Rupert Square lower parking lot belongs to the Mall or to the City?
There are holes there that you can get lost in, and always in the same area! This has been an ongoing problem and they don’t seem to get repaired for weeks on end, and then they just reappear!
Tonight I almost damaged a tire in the pit! On the way out and traffic coming in I just caught the edge! Its a very congested area, and a descent roadway would seem to me to be a necessity!
Come on new Mall owners. If it’s your bit of road, please, please fix it properly.
If its the City’s, then please please please fix it properly!  :angry:

should really allow atvs in this town so you can get groceries safely

Naw, they need to take the advice of a friend of mine - all Rupert roads should be dug up so we can go back to dirt roads.  The potholes would be smaller and the city would then just have to grade them once in awhile.  :imp:

that roadway is owned by both , city does the repairs on that part of the road