Low income housing?

If they need low income housing in town so bad, why are they still burning these buildings down? First the Alexander Appartments, then the Inlander and don’t forget the Eqicurion with all its tenants up stairs getting displaced. Now the New Moon and all its tennants. Being a low income rental owner is getting less and less attractive in this town everyday.

Alexander Apts is still standing. I think you meant Elizabeth Apts, which was accidentally torched by a kitchen fire.

Who is “they”? Is it a committee? Do they have meeting minutes?

Ya sorry wrong appartment name. And “they” was referring to the people who choose/need to live in low cost housing. I was not insinuating that these were deliberately set either, just in case you took it that way.

Very tragic indeed for the tenants! I took a stroll down 3rd avenue and had a look at the New Moon. Total loss.

Northern View story.

Fire breaks out at New Moon building

Look at what you posted. I not only read it that you think that the properties were burned down on purpose, but also that the people burning them down are the same people who live in the low income housing. If that’s not what you meant, then perhaps be a little more clear in what you write.

Thanks for the constructive criticism Crazy Mike.

I hope there was no one injured and I feel very sorry for anyone who lost anything in this mishaps.