Low Income Housing

Does anyone know where a Non-Aboriginal family with children can get low income housing in Prince Rupert. According to the M’akola Housing website, the former BC Housing here in Prince Rupert is only available to Aboriginal families.

I would give them a call directly here in town and inquire, I think (but could be wrong) that they are handling all of the social housing here. If not, I"m sure that they could steer you in the right direction.

Might wish to contact some of the Councillors on City Council as well, I believe Councillors Thorkelson and Cunningham have been the most involved in that topic and could probably find out more for you as well.

This item from January outlined the nature of the changeover, if you read the announcement from the Provincial Government at the bottom, it doesn’t seem to suggest that what you describe is the actual operating procedure for Prince Rupert.

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According to the web site:

Who is eligible?

Must be of native ancestry (status, non-status, full or part of any tribal group in Canada)
Must be below the Housing income limits

And for other housing that was BC Housing:


“Terrace and Prince Rupert, for Aboriginal families”

The application on the website is to be used for the housing they have in Terrace and Rupert that they had prev. to taking over BC Housing

For the housing that is BC Housing you have use a BC Housing application

Makola is simply managing BC Housing in Rupert there has been great confusion.

The application on the Makola Housing websire covers the units they had prior to managing BC Housing. You can always apply to both …