Lotto Max Winner in the NW

Wow, another winner way to go!!! Congratulations and do wish you and your family the very BEST!!  :smile:

Was a 40 year old lady from Houston who won. She worked at 7-11 but bought the winning ticket at the Bulkley Valley store in Houston. Congrats to her and her family.

OMG she gets to leave 7-11?? AWESOME!!!

:astonished: Wow, I guess luck has made its round finally in our area!! I thinks it’s time to buy a ticket :smile:

Thank you Chookie, this blog certainly does beat getting news fast from any other source.  I called my Aunt in Houston early this morning and she confirmed and knows the lady…very happy and the community is glad someone local won.  Congratulations P.E.!!!

To bad 3/4 of the speedy news is wrong,lol
Still hearing reports that nobody won the set for life at park avenue store.

I was in there today and asked mrfinney about the winner we are all talking about…and he confirmed it was a winning ticket.
Mrfinney said when a ticket is validated and is over $10,000 the lotto machine shuts down temporarily and he wasn’t sure what was happening, and then the phone rang and it was the lottery centre calling to confirm the ticket which was just scanned.
Wow…never knew that happened…
anyway, A young Vietnamese guy won… he is washing dishes here in town. Does not speak much English, but is staying with relatives here … so that’s that…
I bought 10 scratch tickets… only won 4 bucks…ugh…

so did he just validate it there or was it bought somewhere else and validated ? cause if it was bought elsewhere like if he was out of town bclc will say the winner was there not where it was validated

Thanks tips…

  good point, I did not ask that question…

In my opinion mrfinney has a big mouth, whether or not there was a winning ticket was validated or not. Now every Vietnamese guy in town is gonna get hounded and asked if he won the set for life. I could just imagine if a good looking guy had won and mrfinney posted it was a hotty, my god how many times would I be asked if I won? Well probably zero, but you catch my drift eh.

I don’t really like the fact that everyone seems to know about this from the store before the guy has come out and said “I won”  I know that if I had a winning ticket I would not appreciate a store owner describing me to people that dont even know me.  What if he wanted to keep it secret and surprise someone?? Or just not tell anyone?? I just dont think it’s very fair to the gentleman that won.  Congrats to whoever you are anyway - I guess the secret’s out!!  :astonished:

GIMMIE MY MONAY!!!  :imp: :unamused:

       I apologize for sharing info passed on to me…  :neutral_face:

I agree, the info should not have been put out there and I am also wondering why is everyone so obsessed with who did win  :unamused:  It’s his business and no one elses but I am sure now that the particulars of his life are public knowledge, thanks to the store owner, this being a small town, won’t be hard for those who are so bothered by it, to figure out who it is.  Give the guy a break and leave it alone    :unamused:

Uh, honey, BCLC releases the info as well. Always has, always will. As do local stores that sell, or validate winners. Why any of you think it’s weird is beyond me, it’s been happening that way for years.

It still has not been posted by BCLC. Waiting for the corporation to announce it at least gives the winner a chance to get their heads wrapped around what they are going to do with the money, not within hours of having the ticked validated.
I was told that once the set for life has been won that all the tickets are pulled, and that had not happened up until a few days ago, so the retailer I spoke to did not think that lottery was won. BCLC last updated their information yesterday and nothing is there yet, and this ticket was supposed to have been validated almost 2 weeks ago.