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Update On WWE Draft Lottery; Big Stars To SmackDown!?

Although it’s hardly confirmed, there’s a feeling that WWE really needs to send some big names to SmackDown! in the upcoming Draft Lottery.

While SmackDown! technically draws more weekly viewers than RAW, the feeling is that, at least within the diehard wrestling community, it never really represents “must see” TV. Most view RAW as the destination to see bigger names involved in more high-profile storylines.

With SmackDown! moving to a very unattractive Friday timeslot, which definitely threatens its appeal to teenage males, the feeling is that WWE needs to give viewers a reason to carry over to the Friday slot this fall. Giving the show a big-time, “can’t miss” feel would definitely help.

Some backstage worry that instead of sending larger names over, WWE will send “rising stars” to SmackDown! as an attempt to give them more exposure. Considering WWE’s track record of producing stars from scratch over the past few years, there is a feeling of pessimism over WWE’s ability to provide the necessary boost in SD’s star power without actually sending established names to the UPN show.

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