Lots of talk on the vandalism issue, but less in the way of action

“I have no doubt that we will deal with the broken window issue,”-- Mayor Herb Pond offering up the sentiment that the vandalism problems will be dealt with by city hall, though not providing much in the way of direction as to how they may do that.

The continuing debate over the rise in vandalism in the city, once again became part of the city council proceedings on Monday. Councillor Ken Cote, again raised his motion to the city take another look at the potential of a curfew for teenagers in the city. He had previously introduced the same motion on July 8th, and found much the same reaction then as he received on Monday…

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It was a badly written and incorrect article. Council voted in FAVOUR of considering a curfew as well as other measures. Mayor Pond, Cote, and Gordon-Payne voted in favour. Briglio and Bedard (less vandalism in Port Ed, I guess) were opposed.