Lost Nuke

anyone watch the Discovery channel about the lost Nuke in Hechate Stairt.
if not
you can down load here.

torrentspy.com/torrent/93159 … V_XviD_G4L

Examine the mystery of the 1950 crash off the B.C. coast of a U.S. Air Force bomber carrying a nuclear bomb; the Air Force’s official version of events does not fit with the actual location where the crashed plane was found.

very interesting.

Or was the nuke still onboard? Good show, DISC seems to have finally discovered BC exists. There was also a spot on the Brittania Mine disaster and the 2nd Narrows (Ironworkers Memorial to you young’uns) Bridge disaster. A couple of kids in my school lost their Dads in that one.
Anything that gets those damn choppers and Hot Rod shows off the air a couple hours a day is good.
The Hope slide, when will they do that one? Or the washout on the Sea-to-Sky in the 80s… ripping along a 60 at night in the pissing rain… suddenly you’re in the air, headed for the 1,000 ft deep salt chuck… the bridge is gone!  Aiiiiiiieeeeee! Now that’s un-nerving just to think about.

You do realize that the “Lost Nuke” show is a couple years old now right?  It premiered on Discovery in the fall of 2004 and was shown repeatedly at the time.