Lost Kitty

Last night I let my cat Artemis out. She usually stays pretty close to my Borden St home and waits in the porch for us to let her in. It’s after 2pm now and I still haven’t seen her. She may still come back, but I’m getting worried because she doesn’t have a collar to identify her. She’s a beautiful siamese cat with medium length fur. Any info, please call 250-600-4415. If she comes back on her own I will update. Thank you, community!

She came back! I suppose I knew she would, but she was gone too long for my liking.

I saw her yesterday sitting on the garden wall of the monkey tree house lookin very regal. Glad she returned home!

I am happy for you that she is home but maybe think of putting a collar on her now or getting her tattooed or chipped. Better safe than sorry.