"Lost" episodes

Hey, anybody have the first season of “Lost” ? I’ve watched 1-21 from a torrent I found online, but am missing 22-24. I want to watch that before I watch this season’s episodes.

Could someone please tell me what’s in the hatch? I’m curious, but don’t want to watch the show.

You’re doing it right Mig. There are so many subtle connections between the characters that you’d miss if you didn’t watch all the episodes. I’m not positive but you might want to check and see if the first season DVDs are out for rent.

I love this show and this season has started out awesome!


Movie Gallery does have them for rent, and they aren’t a big mover so they would probally be in.

hi Mig i have season one, in xvid
if u want
plus other shows

Thanks for the offer, but I was able to find them.

Wow, this is a real “character” thing, isn’t it. You’re right, the word is “subtle” ! So many connections.

Cool show, very well written. Great characters. I’m loving the pre-crash connections and stories and how they are woven together with the present.

Man, they would have been rescued by now if this guy had just turned around and noticed the ship behind him…

Just wait until they get their coconut radio working!

You’ll love season two Mig… the character connections continue. At the rate they’re going, by the time they end this show every character will be connected to every other one.


It will be interesting to see the story behind this Desmond guy. Will Walt come back with plucked eyebrows wearing eyeliner and a grass skirt?

Just watched the first two episodes of season 2. Cool stuff!

Love the old equipment down there, and it’s all very “Andromeda Strain” – you know, a countdown to self-destruction that needs to be reset before it expires.

Is that an Apple IIe ?

Thats what I thought when I first saw it. After all these years though I don’t know if I could tell the difference between the Apple and the Apple II. Always cracks me up though that my first computer class at Booth was on those things…lol


It looked like the old terminals we had in the CO’s when I started with the phone company in the early 80s. I think they were ViComs or something. The Apple II’s weren’t integrated units, the monitor was cabled to them from what I remember.

So when is Kate gonna do it with the Doc?

I nominated her (Evangeline Lilly, homegrown Alta) as the hottest woman on tv…

She should have been Lara Croft, not Angelina. She looks the part.

Lost is great, I watched each episode like 3 times. Theres things that you will miss all the time.

Yeah tons of stuff… like I read somewhere that when they entered the capsule this year there was the number 108 painted on the wall somewhere, which is the total of all the “numbers”.

I never saw the 108 and I watched that episode twice. :smile:


Another good one I read about today. Apparently the Dharma logo (The same one from inside the hatch) was on the side of the shark that was chasing Sawyer two episodes ago. Man I need to get a Hi def decoder for my TV so I can catch this shit. :smiley: