Lost dog

Hi there,
I was out at a fire tonight at Taylor Lake and my golden retriever, Maisie, was spooked by some fireworks and took off.  Her tracks seem to indicate that she was running towards Rupert along the highway, and I’m hoping that somone driving past picked her up and is keeping her warm tonight.  If anyone has any info, please give me a call at 627-5996.  It’s been about four hours, and it’s darn chilly out there tonight.

How far out is Taylor Lake guitargirl?  I hope you have received some news, if not, I wonder if she might wander towards the Industrial Park area as there is movement there all night what with the truckers and all heading out.  Please keep us posted and good luck.  The SPCA is closed today but there is always someone there so please give them a try ASAP. If you don’t go up ( That would be the best thing), leave a message as they are busy cleaning kennels and all in the morning OK?

Have you had any news about your puppy yet? Please let us know as to what is happening. We all send good thoughts your way and hers. If she is not back yet, she must miss you and is just waiting to hear your voice. Did you go out searching for her?  Good Luck!

We drove to Terrace today, and on the way there took a drive around the lakes areas, but there was no sign of her.  Would she likely have followed the road?  If so, somebody might have picked her up.

Thanks for the eyes and ears out there, Maisie was found and returned to me this morning by a kind motorist heading to Haida Gwaii and a super nice employee of BC Ferries who gave her a place to sleep last night.  All that worrying about her being out in the cold and she was snug as a bug the whole time.  It sounds like when she was found she was just booking it down the highway back to Rupert, which jived with what we could tell from her tracks last night.  Thanks again everyone, nice to know that people were keeping an eye open for her! :smile:

hooray… happy ending  :smile:

Wow great news, I do love a happy ending. We need more good news stories on here to warm the heart.

Yeah !!  That has to be the BEST Christmas gift ever  :-D  Wonderful to know there are such great folks out there !!   BIG hugs to Maisie and an extra treat!

I know that if I saw a Golden running down the highway, I’d pull over and take him (or her) home with me.  I’m glad I’m not the only one.

It was the happy ending I was hoping for too.

This is why it’s nice to live in a small town. Glad to see it worked out.

I so happy to hear that all ended well.  What an awful Christmas it would have been without her.

p.s.  my dog hates fireworks too! next time put the dog on a leash before lighting them or leave her at home while your out at night partying rather than risking its life on the highway you dog is so lucky that someone picked her up rather than getting hit by a car or eaten by a wolf seeing that there so hungry this time of year lol