Lost document

I lost the ability to open three powerpoints documents that are stored on two different memory sticks ( usb flash drive).  The file is there, the icon looks good. But I can’t open it with powerpoint at all.  I tried with 4 different computers, two windows, two macs but I get the same message as if this isn’t recognized as a powerpoint document.  I am suspicious about the memory sticks as they are both 1gig from Lexar. 
I’m curious if anyone here has had a similar problem and may know how to retrieve the file.

is it a file you can send to me to try ?

You’re not trying to open a PP2007 file with an older Powerpoint are you? They messed with the file extensions on Office2007…

I’ll do it a little later.

No herbie, the file was created with the same version that couldn’t open it.

gmail it to me jason . leaman @ gmail . com

A friend had this problem, I opened it in open office, it opened fine so I  saved it again and all was well.

I’ve been using OpenOffice (and NeoOffice on Mac OS X) for about 2 months now, exclusively.    I’m pleasantly surprised at how awesome it is.  The spreadsheet program on OpenOffice even does some of its text functions differently than Excel, so it’s saved me a ton of time on routine work stuff that I do.

I just installed Office 2008, though, so maybe I’ll give that a try and see what it’s like.  It’s super-fast, for one thing. 

One thing you have to be careful of is in the lastest office program you can save a doc as word 2007 doc or word doc  if saved as 2007 you cannot open it on previous versions of word unless you down load a converter from the microsoft site.  To avoid this problem make sure you always save your doc as word doc and not word 2007 doc if using the newest Office Suite.  I bet its the same with power point too… 

Glad to see that some one got the beta Torrent to download. GRR!