Lost Cat- 5th West

Hey all,

Just wanted to post that I recently lost my cat Elisabeth, due to a recent House Fire on 5th west.
Shes extreeeemely loved, and missed. If anyone’s seen her please leave a response.
We’re expecting her to be somewhere near 5th west.
It would be nice to just know shes kickin it around somewhere…
(the picture i left is from a year ago)

I’ve also attached a second picture of the grey cat Ashley, We took her in because she was homeless about a month before the fire.
And if anyone see’s her please leave a response.

If you see either cat please take her in, and leave a response. I miss them both so much…

Thank you kindly,

check your messages

Just wanted to let everyone know that we found the cats.
Unfortunatley me & my bf can only take care of our cat elizabeth atm.
Which means the grey cat, Ashley is living at the SPCA. If anyone is looking for a nice, sociable kitty, she is up for adoption :smile:

thanks :smile: