Lost Cat , 11th.Ave. East 900 Block

Sophie is lost from 900 Block 11th.Ave East, she is not used to the outdoors and is running scared. If you find her or see her in your yard or area please call 627-4712 . I guess you could say she is tortouse colour.

I was just outside my place and there’s no sign of your kitty up here :frowning:

Has she been gone for long?  I hope you find her soon!

She got out the door about three hours ago, found her hiding in the back yard but as I said she is scared and she ran when my Lady and I tried to approach her. Thanks please keep eyes open, I beg you for my Lady very much hurting.

Hi everyone, I really need your help finding my cat. My boyfriend posted a photo but here is another. As he said , she does not know the outdoors and is very scared. Ran off when we tried to get her and now is nowhere to be found. She is also diabetic, so please if you see her, maybe try and coax her to you if possible or just give me a call @ 6274712. I am just devastated right now and I thank you so much for any help you can give me.

im on 8th east ill keep my eyes open

I’ll watch out for your feline friend also, I’m nearby

It is a good morning for myself and Sofie as I just snared her with a blanket under a neighbors porch about an hour ago. Very cold and scratched feet but happy to be home, Sofie, not me :smiley:  So thank you all for reading this and for posting. Much appreciated and to all those who may have seen a strange woman walking through the neighborhood during the night with a flashlight, carrying a can of cat food, thank you for not calling the cops  !!  :smiley:

Great news, codybear933!! :sunglasses:

If this happens again (and hopefully it doesn’t), I heard if you sprinkle their litter box around the yard, they will find their way home again…based on the scent I guess.

so if  i go out on the drunk one night should i poop in n the yard so i can find my way home?

oh and good to hear you got the cat :smile: