Lost Cat, 10 days ago

Unfixed, Male Siamese-looking cat, still fairly young and lanky got out of the house about 10 days ago in the 11th avenue east area, by McDonald’s, and we’ve been waiting for him to come back but hasn’t. We think he may have been picked up or stuck in a tree somewhere. Picture enclosed.

If anyone has seen him around or picked him up, please contact us at (250)624-9071, or email me at Call.Me_B_@hotmail.com.
Thanks so much!

Im not sure if it was your cat that i saw. but i did see one similar near PA’s/annunciation area last night.

There was a previous post about an ad posted at Cowpuccino’s about a found cat that appeared to be Siamese with blue eyes. Give them a call.

thanks guys, already had the cowpuccino option in mind. where is the PA’s/annunciation area?

So the cowpuccino’s option fell flat, that is a different cat. I heard something about another hit around 4th avenue east. following up on it now.

He’s back! I am attaching photos of what he used to look like when he was a kitten :stuck_out_tongue: thanks to our neighbors two doors down, we have him back again!

Thanks everyone!

I am SOOOO HAPPY for you ! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always have such a happy ending! Please try and keep him indoors, if you have him fixed, won’t take long for him to get used to the great indoor world!! Awesome news!! Lots of treats for kitty !!