Losing It

Well Im A Fairly big guy, im wondering if you guys no any exercises out there, that can help you lose weight…?

Simple.  Get your heart rate up and burn more calories than you consume.  Try running, swimming, biking or hit the gym.

Sup, Alex. Lifting weights could surely help you. that’s all I do, I work out the arms and chest. and you may or may not (I didn’t) lose weight off your upper body but your strength will most definitely suffice. :smiley:

Lifting weights is not a good answer if you’re trying to lose mass.  The first reply was pretty much bang on.  Slowly try to lower your caloric intake while increasing activities that increase your heart rate and burn calories.  Doing activities in the morning before breakfast is another thing that I’ve heard helps. 

well I didn’t mean to sway off topic, but I know Ayo23 as a friend. and I figure, since I had nothing else to suggest to him, I recommended he try weight lifting =]

Weight lifting builds muscle mass.  You want cardio and a better diet.  Give examples on what you eat each day and I am sure some of us can suggest better things.

Running/long distance walking sounds like ‘you.’

Walk about 5/7/10kms a day if you can. Pretty easy if you live on the East side. Walking to work/city center and home is your 8-10KM walk. Stop eating at MacDonalds. Don’t lift weights, you’ll only bulk up worse. If you like to run, do that. Running 3-5Km a day will knock a good 50lbs off in one year if you eat right (less fat, less carbohydrates).  Make sure you stretch beforehand.


Carbs are good just not useless carbs, there are good fats as well. The real evil is sugars stay the hell away… of course theres good sugars too so dont avoid those.  Losing fat is all in the diet, do your research and you will learn what you need to eat. After you find out what you need to eat you need to learn what foods you like that fit into your dietary needs.

If you end up just eating “healthy” food that you hate you wont get anywhere.  I lost about 80 pounds in 9 months last year by simply changing my diet.

I’m thinking you want to lose fat and not lose weight?

First of all the biggest change you can do is to eat breakfast. People who don’t eat breakfast are 600% more likely to be obese. Secondly, eat more often throughout the day but eat smart. Plan for a healthy snack in the morning and the afternoon, so that you are eating 5 to six times per day. This will help keep your blood sugar stable, keep your metabolism revved up and will end those mid morning and late afternoon cravings. Next drink a lot of water throughout the day and finally don’t eat anything in the evenings. Your body’s metabolism is winding down in the evenings, the last thing you want to do is give it fuel it won’t use and will store as fat.

Notice I haven’t even mentioned exercise yet?

If you aren’t eating well you won’t keep fat off. Period. These changes I recommended above are all simple things to change, and will lead to fat loss. I know because I have been living this since January. I spend six months just making small changes to what and how I eat and lost 30 pounds that won’t be coming back. Once I was comfortable with those changes I then went to the gym. Oh and don’t forget to give yourself a “cheat meal” each week to keep the cravings away where you eat what you want. Trying to eat healthy all of a sudden will likely end up with you bindgeing on junk food.

Basically for exercise a combination of cardio and weights is best. Do weights a couple of days per week and cardio a couple of days. Start out slow and build up as your body adjusts. Building muscle is not bad for fat loss, only bad for weight loss. The difference is that although your weight might not lower on the scale, your measurements will change as the fat is burned off by the muscle you build. I had a month where I actually gained 4 pounds but lost an inch and a half of fat.

This is just a synopsis of course as it’s a complicated subject. A good book to read is the Men’s health “abs diet” book. It’s less of a “diet” and more of a instructional guide on making life changes.

Everybody should eat more vegetables!

Vegetable fiber takes longer to digest, leaving you feeling full longer.

Carbs are good just not useless carbs, there are good fats as well. The real evil is sugars stay the hell away… of course theres good sugars too so dont avoid those. [/quote]

And don’t be indecisive about things. Some indecisiveness is good. But not when you can’t make a decision about what to not do.

An increase in lean muscle mass actually helps to burn fat as it increases your metabolism.  It will make you stronger, firmer and feeling great.  A good cardio workout 3 times a week will improve your overall health and keep your heart strong while burning calories.

Either you missed my point or were adding to it not really sure.  Maintaining the same shitty diet that let you get fat and adding weight lifting will yield negligible (if any) results.  A proper diet is the most important thing when trying to lean out.

As much as I liked to argue the fact before I will defend that statement now.  My before/after pictures show pretty clearly what a healthy diet can do.  After 1 year with little change to my activity level I am now close to having visible abs a opposed to about 8 inches of fat sticking out over my belt.

I agree…I think I was adding to your statement rather than disputing it.  That’s the problem with quoting someone at times…it can look like you’re opposing them. 

A combination of weights, cardio and a good diet will work wonders.  The thing about losing weight is that anyone can succeed at it.  It’s really just a matter of doing it.

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