Looks like good reading

Well, this Christmas holiday I rediscovered the work of Howard Zinn and discovered for the first time Cornel West.

Those interested can find more information at:



It’s not surprising that our (PR) library doesn’t have any books written by them. However, there are a number of free presentations (lectures) available online. Progressive stuff, good stuff. If anyone has read any works by these thinkers please share your thoughts.

If it’s not Oprah’s book of the month, it’s not worth reading.

Its also good to read about nelnet inc, the national student loans program, edulinx and tricura canada. Turns out our student loans have been sold off to an american company. Interesting thing is they make mistakes taking double the amount of money then try to sell you on their “interest relief” plan  which really is you paying them money for the privilege of them screwing you over at a later date.

…The more you know

Stop tryin’ to learn us books!