Looking for recommendations on database software

We’re looking for something to handle client info (name, address, phone, workplace info, birthday, family, etc), conversations, meetings, dates, details and future plans.

It would be nice to have Win and Mac compatible, but not necessary. I just don’t know where to look and I thought someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks. :smile:

I like notepad. Great features.

mysql/postgresql but most likely access will work fine for you depending on your database size. If you decide to go with either postgres/mysql I would highly recommend “purchasing” a copy of navicat navicat.com/

With access you will probably have an easier time designing a user interface to the database, but it will probably suck ass :wink:

No need for a “database” and certainly not MySQL or Access for the type of thing you’re wanting to do. You don’t want to program a database, you want to just store client info.

What you want is a PIM. Sort of what a Palm PDA does. Which is a good start. You can download the Palm desktop software for free from their site:

palm.com/us/support/download … sktop.html

There’s both a Windows and a Mac version, and you don’t need to have a Palm PDA to use it, so it’s free. If you want to take the data with you, just buy a cheap Palm and then you can synchronize with the Windows or Mac machine.