Looking for people that can tell me more about the person I look for

Dear people,

My name is Maikel and I live in the Netherlands.
I’m looking for the children of my great aunt.
Their names are Arthur, Yvonne and Karen their surname is Anderson. Yvonne should become 60 next year.
Their father was named Arthur as well and their mother Johanna her maiden name was Slotboom.
They lived at least in the early 1950s and maybe longer on 8th Avenue East in Prince Rupert the number was 1841.

If you have any information or advice, please let me know!!

Thank you all ever so much for helping me.

Michael Slotboom

Hi there,

A good place to start would be the phone book.  There are 16 Andersons in the Prince Rupert phone directory.  Click here:  tinyurl.com/33f6ve

You might consider calling one or two of those people and asking for information. 

That, and sending in a similar notice to the letters to the editor of the Daily News might help as well.


If memory serves me right, that area of town was housing for Coast Guard guys and their families - they were sold in the late 70’s at clearance prices.  You might want to check there for past personnel records, you may get lucky if someone is still drawing a pension r something.

My Mother grew up in the 1600 block of 8th E of that era. I will forward this link to her and see if it rings any bells.

Are you for real?..dont mislead this poor foreigner trying to hook up with long lost family.  You actually think you can easily obtain information like that froim the Coast Guard? Jeezuz boy

I think he was talking about breaking in and stealing files - duh!

I found one Anderson today and asked him questions pertaining to your request , I am sorry to say his family came here in 1906 and they were from Sweden . I will keep trying for you , he says there were many Andersons here years ago from all over the world . Till then good luck .

Would Andersdóttir suffice?

I don’t know much,

The only thing I know is that her second husband in the early 50s was called possible Johnson he and her brother Wouter Slotboom both worked for Columbia Cellulose in that period.

So I am looking for the children of my greataunt Johanna Slotboom ( uses the name Anne in Canada)
The children are called Arthur, Yvonne and Karen All three of them should be in their 50s.
My greataunts first husband called Anderson was a Canadian soldier during WW II at least been in the Netherlands at that time and married her while being in the Netherlands.
They lived on Queen Charlottes Island where he was a fisherman.
They divorced and she went to live with the man with the surname Johnson, I don’t know if the children took his surname or not, but the three of them are all of her first husband.
They live in Prince Rupert in the early 50s for a while together with her brother who I mentioned before called Wouter maybe changed it to the English version of Walter to make it easier to pronounce for his friends and working companions.
Johanna (Anna) if still alive will turn 84 in August, last known to live in Castlegar BC, still metioned in the phonebook as Johanna Gemma, but I’m not getting any reaction on this number.

Please if you’ve got any information, do let me know.

Many thanks for all your efford and ideas of helping me

Michael Slotboom
Arnhem, The Netherlands