Looking for furnished bachelor near downtown for $700

My landlord is scum and trying to raise my rent from $675 to $800. (Without putting anything to paper, of course. I’d name and shame, but the jerk would probably sue me for libel.) I work at the library, play video games at volume 13/50 on my TV, and my maximum rowdiness is having friends over Saturday afternoon for board games, which breaks up by five pm. Anyone like a good tenant?

Hate to give up this view, but I suppose I won’t have to deal with the buzzer on the phone not opening the door any more.

That sucks. I don’t think he can legally increase your rent more then a small percent per year (I can’t remember number). I don’t understand why people give up good tenants, there are sooooo many horrible tenants here. We have chosen not to raise our rent as we have a good tenant. We are keeping our 2 bed at $550 as we have a good tenant. Good luck. Maybe he will regret his decision.

www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/topic.page?id … CFC299C406

2.5% for this year. $691.88 from $675. $800 is 18.5% increase, so five and a half times the legal limit. And I have to be informed in writing. Of course, permits to renovate something that he can’t have me there for, or selling it as a condo are both perfectly legal.

With the gas price drop, the bubble’s bursting a bit, so I’m sure the rental prices will come back down soon. Petronas and the like will be cutting their losses for a while, so less people in town.

Does it have to be furnished ? Sometimes furniture really ups the cost, might be better to find cheap furniture of your own?

I do hope the gas bubble bursts some of this bullshit around here, nothing in dodge is worth the new rents around town

Nah. I have a mattress, a TV, a chair and some shelves, and I can make do for a while, I suspect. Everything else is just gravy that makes things easier.

Found a place. Thanks, folks. Other than a reduced size and a lesser view, it’s an improvement in every way.