Looking for cheap Hdmi cables

I found a 4 pack of hdmi cables for 40$.  Is there anywhere in town to buy cheap 10$ ones. 

If you’re looking for short ones (ie: less than a metre), you can find them really cheap at monoprice.com …  I bought 3 of them there, and had them in about a week.  We’re talking $3.00 each.

Dollar Store with More had some. Can’t remember the price though.

that’s an amazing price for those HDMI Cables there MiG, my question is this though -

is it true what the “Tech” guys say in stores like “The Source” about the cheaper the cable the crappier the quality? :S

For short runs like someone would have in the typical household, there will be no difference between a $3 HDMI cable and an $80 HDMI cable.

they did a story on the news about the hdmi cables, they said all the signal quality is the same no difference between the $20 cable and the $150.00 cable just the name.

Here you go, HDMI cables less than $1.00 each.

Order like 10 of them.