Looking for an artist

When my daugther was 2, we got a local artist to make a portrait of her. Boy did we get a good deal. She did the painting and two color laser copies at a print shop (for grandparents) and had them frame for us since she could get a better price.
When our son was born, the plan was to get one done for him when he was two. Procrastination settled in and now the artist has moved away. But we would still like to get this done. I wouldn’t mind having something different like a charcoal portrait or something similar. Send me a personal message (click on PM at the bottom of this post) if you know a talented individual who could work from a picture and do it for a fair price.


for a large fries i’ll run it through the charcoal filter in photoshop ?

Now that’s a deal!

how about i throw dirt at a piece of paper and poke it with a stick or two, and in return for it, i get a case of jones soda?

It’s not a portrait of yourself I want!

My folks had a friend who did a charcoal portrait of my brother and I, and it’s pretty sweet. It’s definitely something I would have done if I had kids. Good luck on the search.