Looking for a RMT

I am hoping to find a good RMT here in town. But one that isn’t close to $100/hr for a massage. Anybody have any recommendations??

I believe there is only 2 registered in town…one is a man that works for Lutz Chiropractor I think and the other is woman from Terrace who comes here 2 times a week and she works at Cornerstones.

Both I think are quite pricey, around 85 to 100 and hr.

There are MANY non-registered therapists though that do just as good of a job (even better perhaps) and are MUCH cheaper.

Try Makayla Keehn (husband is Teddy @ Teddy’s Musical Instruments) the numbers in the book. I hear she is an RMT, also Kent Orton of Cornerstones Wellness Centre,
and Body Essentials (5th Avenue west), She is also in the phone book.

Thank you for the info. What are some of the others in town that do good massages?!!?

Amanda Hehr, also on 5th ave west. She goes under vitality massage, and has a Facebook page under that name as well. Excellent therapist, not registered in BC, registered for Alberta. She had been doing massage since 2004. I believe her number is 250.600.0266.

Thank you very much!!! I have talked to her and will hopefully be in next week to have a massage!!!

I saw this on the health website:

In B.C., MSP beneficiaries receiving premium assistance may be entitled to $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits each calendar year for the following services: chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy and non-surgical podiatry