Looking Back - Dodge Neon

Back in high school there was a kid that entered the building on the first day of Freshman year as a likeable guy with a promising future. Over the course of four years this kid changed into a punk with an aversion to authority, the latter of which led to his expulsion a month short of graduation.


It’s a shame that the head gasket problem that plagued the first few years has haunted this car for it’s entire life. Hence, the name change to SX 2.0 in Canada for '03.

In the last few years, it’s been one of the best buys for the money. For $14k, you got a whole lot of car.

3 left at Rainbow’ Get 'em while they last. :wink:

Good read. That 1990 prototype is ugly as sin though.

Never really liked the look of the neon… especially the older one. The new ones arent as imbarassing as some of the new small chevy cars, but its still not the prettiest thing on the streets. the SRT has a better look to it for sure, but it still has the neon look hidden in it. Don’t get me wrong, the srt4 is a fast car for its price… but its not a car that knocks your socks off when you see it. Tyler’s exhaust might litteraly knock your socks off though.

That’s the good 'ole cab-forward legacy for you. For many people, the fact that the SRT4 is based on the Neon is part of it’s appeal. Underdog and all that.

Funny how we went from big sedans to cab-forward cars to gangsta sedans. Evolution indeed.

The latest addition into my growing fleet of vehicles, and my new daily driver, is a mere 5300 pounds of body on frame all american steel car. She has two doors, fully loaded, and powered by none other than a 351 cubic inch carbureted V8.

My float bowl is bigger than the gas tank of a modern car :smile:

And you have to be paid to drive it, just to afford the gas. Nothing like watching the gas gage move down, as you just put $100 in it an hour ago. You gotta get that topaz on the road, and use the beast as a 9 sec drag car (with PVC pipe twin turbo install). :bulb: