Saltybear, what would you do to get the employer to negotiate a contract? 

Or are you just going to fling poo and ignore any responses?

You’ve told us why you think a strike is a bad idea, now tell us how they can get the employer to negotiate.  What do you suggest?

Or do you just have insults and nothing really constructive to add?

Also, why do you keep putting “things” in quotes?  Are you “quoting” someone? 

Im not shure why Saltybear thinks that anyone in the Rinse can do anything about this. My understanding is that its ILWU local 514. These guys are the foremen for the longshore men in all BC ports. I would think there are alot more of them in Vancouver than Prince Rupert. 

Yes, even if “every” longshoreman in “The Rinse” voted not to “strike” they would still not sway the “vote.” " “”"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" "

You are 100% right. Prince Ruperts foreman have a 15 man crew, compared to Vancouvers 405. Like Vancouver gives a f*(& whats gonna happen to rupert if they go on strike.

Saltybear is just displaying basic ignorance. Mind made up, screw the facts. Typical narrow minded kind of response.

I would advise those workers who are now without a union, and experiencing employer abuses to learn what a union can do for them. These days the largest weapon used against union employees is intimidation.

One only needs to look at the loss of union membership to see how anti-union propaganda and the current environment of forcing, not only union members but non-union workers as well, to compete for low paying wages paid in other countries. Does this seem fair?

At the time the Skeena Pulp Mill was going down, the Canadian government was lending Canadian/Indonesian interests money to start a pulp mill in Borneo or Sumatra.

Yes … and at that time there was over 18 million ( maybe billion) left in the EI reserve … did anyone get anything … nope do the fisher people get shorter work weeks and don’t qualify for EI Yup … did the nob hob PM approve to spend the reserve on crap YUP … nuff said!

I am speaking as a tradesman who has worked both union and non union.I personally have never had any trouble with a non union employer. If the employer needs your skills and you are competent, you will be paid the going rate.
If you have no skills you are more vulnerable to the mercy of the employer.
Old story! If you can earn certification in a trade that is in demand you will always be paid fairly.

unions are necessary but they have to modernize for the times as do certain union employers,  during good times unions want more and during bad times unions want more maybe employers and unions can come up with a better approach, look at the auto sector getting billions of taxpayers money, ie money from hard working ppl working minimum wages as well as good wages, to save their jobs but yet the CAW leader says they will not give any concessions to the companies. now is that fair to the minimum wage workers no, before any taxpayer money is used maybe the company and workers can give up something first, the managers can give back wages and perks as well as the workers, maybe we can have legislation that managers cant make more then 3 times what the highest worker would make instead of pulling in a million dollars a year, after all this is the 21 century it is time everybody modernized from employers to unions no more us vs them and screw them if they don’t like our position

Unions are the reason there IS a minimum wage.
And you have weekends.
And get the same wage even if you’re female, or Indian, or an immigrant.

If you really thing you’re worth less, then you are worthless…

Well-said, herbie!  People need a decent wage to live.  People making minimum wage don’t pay a lot of taxes to support infrastructure upgrades.

I have been a Longshoreman for 20 years we have worked long and hard to get the wages, pension and working condtions we have today…If you don’t know what the union and employer are in discussions about shut up and don’t make things up. I just wish everyone could enjoy our wages and working conditions that we have achieved  over the years everyone should have a good job with a decent wage!!!

well said orientshine, we have to realize that some people have a tendency to jump mto conclusions at times and their responses are sometimes because of a lack of understanding or lack of knowledge, i for one will walk side by side with our foremen when the need arrises.

orientshine and git er done who are you 2?

Hey Jutt:)  Here at HTMF we encourage and support people if they wish to be anonymous.  People can reveal their identity if they wish, but, it is not required to freely post here. 

I respect that, i was just wondering cause i am also a longshoreman.

Hopefully you won’t string me up by my toenails because my comment has nothing to do with longshoremen - but it does with unions in general. :smile:

I’ve been in a few unions during my working career (never a longshoreman though), and I understand both sides of the debate about unions.  Some love them, others hate them.  My opinion is a bit of both - depending greatly upon the union, of course. 

Why I like unions:
-fair wage
-equal opportunity for advancement (trade tickets, etc - this depends on the union though)
-seniority - so people that have been there longer get the first chances for time off

Why I don’t like unions:
-some unions/union members have an attitude that exudes from them, like the company owes them - and always owes them, no matter what the workers’ behaviour - and I know this isn’t the case in EVERY union with EVERY member, but I have known people I worked with that insisted that the company should pay them more per hour (than the $30/hr they were getting) for doing less work and doing less than the bare minimum of the requirements

So there are a lot of caveats for my opinion about unions - for the most part I agree with that they are for, but I also think that in some cases the power of the union is greatly abused. 

Hah - all that typing and I could have just put that last line, hey?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Wages are what drives an economy,most min. wage earners are in the service sector,
Who does the service sector service?
A lot of the time it’s other wage earners.
I sense jealosy in Mr. Negatives comments.

Okay.  I think all wage earners are important and valued in our economy.  We’re all entitled to express our point of view:)  Just my 2 cents worth.

As an ex-union activist and now a business person, the only thing that’s changed for me is now I need ALL OF YOU to have decent wages so that I may relieve you of some… :smiley: