This morning at 11:10 AM. Angus left us for a peaceful place to be with his Great Creator. Angus died peacefully from cancer and I know he will be missed by many individuals in and around town. By his side were his loving sister Marianne, his friends Myles and Gary. Let us remember him for so many things he has done for so many who knew him. Rest in Peace Angus my friend.

Angus was a great guy with an easy laugh, a very kind man.  I will miss him. 
I enjoyed my interactions with him when he was working at CHSS. 
My deepest sympathies to his family and friends during this difficult time.

I was very sad to hear to hear this news this morning.

Angus was a great inspiration to me, mainly because he made me question every technological change.

I remember he always referred to the default Windows application icon as a dishwasher.

“Miguel, there’s something wrong with my computer.  The icons all turned to dishwashers again.”

Angus was a regular on HTMF from the early days, though he rarely posted. 

I’m not sure, but I think this is his account: tinyurl.com/themac

Rest in peace Mr mcdonald  he was an great Teacher he will be missed

One of the few counselor’s I ever had a shred of respect for in high school, never looked down at you and knew if he was going to get you to listen to him he had to first make you like him and knew how to do it, he was the “cool” counselor. RIP Mr. McDonald, we are all gonna miss ya.

It is a very sad day in my simple life today, he was my friend,fishing buddy, my guide in many areas that I ventured into and my mentar. We were friends since 1980 and will always remain this. I am blessed that I was able to be by his side when he was taken from us.

I’m an elementary school teacher; I never had the pleasure of working with Angus at CHSS.  I was always impressed by his wicked sense of humour and his wisdom. 

He was also very much a big part of Booth School, he thaught Skip many things I believe…lol

Angus is a very good man who saw clearly with a straight and sharp eye. He tolerated no bullshit amongst his companions and set the highest standards for buffoonery and laughter. He fought so long and hard to keep the kids of Rupert safe from the predators. The fuel he burned finally killed him. Which pizza palace will now go bankrupt? Standing in the Skeena, 6 pack on his belt, sun shining on it all. Listening to Terrapin Station. Rock on Angus.

Well spoken Bert…Rock on Angus,Rock on. Is this a friend called Slader?

Oh no, how sad…hope he rests in peace.

I’ll always have fond memories of him from my days in CHSS.

Mr. McDonald was a good man!  He earned my respect during my days at Booth.  May he rest in peace…he deserves it!

He convinced me to stay in school, and he listened to me! A great loss!

I’m sorry to hear this news.  Angus was a good man and did a lot for Rupert students.  I’ll always remember his voice because of  ‘’ Probation Sheets’’  :wink:
Rest in peace Angus and my condolences to all the people who were close to him.

I remember Mr McDonald from my day @ Booth Memorial.  He was a great person and an awesome counsellor.  He will be greatly missed.  RIP. :frowning:

I am sad to read about Mr. McDonald. 

He was my grade 8 socials Teacher and then a councillor  in  the years later.

He is awesome, a real caring soul who taught us all with his  infinate wisdom and knowledge. 

I say he IS awesome and not WAS awesome, because I refuse  to believe that amazing souls are gone forever…

                Until we meet again…

Mr.  McDonald will be greatly missed!  I had him for a coach and counsellor.  He was a tough basketball coach,  he ran us hard, one year we were up in Ketchikan, AK , his temper got the better of him (at the ref’s of course!)  and he was thrown out of the gym.  We were in grade 8 at the time and for the rest of the game we had to coach ourselves! lol  We had a great time, &  he was a hoot!  I have never forgot him.  And as passionate he was about basketball he was equally as a counsellor!
Rest in Peace Mr. McDonald,  your work here is done!

Those are very special words that you share re. Angus, thank you for such sharing. Yes he touch so many young individuals at Booth as well as CHSS.

I was just wondering how many students went through Angus in the years past. I see some have posted on here but I would bet that some parents and there kids probably have had the experience.