has anyone been to the
go there and read some of the stories.
There all true, its news you dont read about in the paper, or hear on tv.

There all true, its news you dont read about in the paper, or hear on tv.[/quote]

REALLY??? OMG! This is so revolutionary. Better not say too much about it before it’s shut down by the government.

Man, I’ve never heard of the Smoking Gun. Where would I be without HTMF?

yea another good site is its really funny with news stories that seem real but are actually fake you should go there!!! aewsome.

I was at a poker game once, and some guy was speaking pig latin, talkin’ bout where he finds great deals online. Some place where you have some sort of auction going on.

Like I said, he was doing the pig latin thing, 'cause he wanted it to be a secret, so I couldn’t get the site name. But man, it sounds like a coolo plaec!!

Yeah man, I think the site is called the bay dot com or something like that. they might be associated with Zellers. Maybe it’s auctionning stuff that couldn’t sell at Zellers. Cool man, the world wide web is awsome. maybe you guys could check out this site with a funny name ( goggles, boogoles or something like that) where you type in somthin and and then they send you a full page of places where you click and find stuff about the somthin you typed. This is so amazing, I wish I had a boogle site in my house so I could type in sock and then It would send me to the place where that missing sock is.

I always thought the internet was for lonely people that needed a place in society. So yeah, thanks for educating me on the internet thingy, TGF HTMF (thank goodness for hackingthemainframe)
PS- yngwie_69 what other sites do u visit?