Lol mac users!

Beginning May 31, Microsoft will make changes and no longer support the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software client

OH NOES! Whatever shall they do? :unamused:

So, it’s not like anybody actually uses MSN anyway. I’ll bet there isn’t one person on HTMF that uses MSN.

Do you guys on Windows use MSN? I think it’s a long distance call from Rupert anyway.

The real reason is that Apple gives you a free trial to Earthlink, and it’s already built in to the OS, so why go through the trouble of subscribing to MSN? It’s not that MSN is dropping Mac users, but rather that no Mac users are using MSN.

I’ll bet MSN doesn’t last much longer anyway, since nobody uses it.

hopefully they will stop support for the IM client as well. It sucks ass where as adium is quite nice and i believe it has more features than the official client.

That’s funny, I could have sworn I saw MSN on your recent screenshot.


That’s funny, I could have sworn I saw MSN on your recent screenshot.[/quote]

MSN != Messenger.

Yeah, I think the original poster thought that MSN was the messenger program. MSN is Microsoft Network, an ISP (like Telus or Citytel). It sucks, and you have to use their software. Sort of Microsoft’s version of AOL.

I’ve never met anybody who actually uses MSN.