Lock everything up!

Just had a neighbour inform us that he spotted a native guy go in our garage as well as another neighbour’s garage just a few minutes ago (11:45am) today. He was wearing an army green jacket and shorts, possibly black in colour. We are in the PR Blvd/Conrad street area.

Yes, apparently there has been a bunch of break ins lately in Port Ed as well. And, the culprit is supposedly known, but nothing that can be proved.

Does anyone know the law about posting this guys picture? I caught him, he admitted to looking for bottles and I took his picture. (he was unharmed - but it took every bit of restraint I had)

What is wrong by posting this person’s photo ? Does this person respect the law re B&E ?

The TMZ website takes thousands of pictures of celebrities all the time, the majority of whom do not want their photo taken, let alone make their way to the TMZ website site hourly. In my view, someone has found a local celebrity and if the photo was taken in my home, on my property, then I would be uploading the photo… quid pro quo!

Thanks for the heads-up, porky.

post it… just be careful about proof of any accusations you make. I mean if the picture was taken in your garage it’d be hard for him to claim what you said is untrue so why not.

To be safe post it under a new thread without comment.

Title it, “My garage”

[quote=“Piknic”]To be safe post it under a new thread without comment.

Title it, “My garage”[/quote]

I love this approach!

Just do it.