Local Seafood = Crap?

Actually most crab and shrip all they eat is crap and can turn it into perfectly healthy food its actually the better choice of the food source, compared to pigs and cows that destroy the land with usless crap.

MMMM, corn fed shrimp

Most seafood I have had locally had a funny taste to it,  I don’t think this rumor is true at all.  I’m almost 100% sure.  And if it is, don’t order anything on special cause its going bad, or gone bad.

Prince Rupert: Home of the corn fed crab…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sewage is a mixture of water, human waste, microorganisms, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, excreted pharmaceuticals and, potentially, pathogens such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis B.

Ill have the fries on the side,

Billy, all those sea creatures would be dead by then. And besides, you don’t have to copy and paste the whole definition to make excuses for your personal diet of cooked and fried preservatives at McDonalds.

What are you talking about? Next time you eat locally caught shrimp or crab im glad you will be eating my $%$%^

Would you like to eat BC produce that was grown with cow manure? Or factory beef and pork mass produced with grind up thoroughbreds? :smiley:

Yummy…  :evil:

K now your just stupid and don’t know your facts, cow manure has to be composed before using as a fertilizer, we on the other hand dump it right in. 

Billy, instead of spending 10 minutes reading a Wikipedia article and then spend the next couple of minutes calling somebody stupid, how about you spend the next 5 minutes answering my question. I know you love the $1.39 McDouble sandwich. :imp:

Actually before you answer that, why do you assume fishermen only catch in a city harbour? And also what do you think most of us enjoy eating seafood? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like sea cucumber.  :-D

Most of the crab we eat is caught in Hecate Strait, the shrimp usually comes from Chatam Sound, the prawns/shrimp are caught at 200 feet deep or deeper.  The sewage is pretty quickly dispersed with the tides and current here anyway but i dont think you have to worry about contaminated seafood.  I hope they have a good resturant, i want a steak and seafood house - good alberta beef with some crab on the side. 

Must be rough to be so negative and ignorant all at the same time Billy? The seafood here is some of the best in the world as a matter of fact.
Billy must like the catfish being processed in Viet Nam ( look it up online, tons are sold to fast food joints in North America).
If you don’t like it here then head east on the highway, then south. There is lots of seafood at Red Lobster in the States, and you sound like you’d fit in well there.
Back to the thread however.
Best of luck to these folks and I will be trying them out once they get settled.

I actually laughed when I read that you think its the best in the world.

I think most of the restaurants (well at least the pubs) get there Seafood from the states as it is cheaper to get frozen.
If you do get fresh, and it’s local, it’s good.
I stay away from the poo crab and shrimp though.  I don’t think they are harmfull, but it’s a mind thing.
Just remember, most places, even along the water, don’t have Local seafood, so hard to beat “our” local seafood.

lol you like to eat the dicks of the sea.

F*** YOU LMAO!!!  :smiley:

Three day old fish flavoured Jello = sea cucumber
Dungeness > lobster