Local Man apprehended in Highway of Tears case

I heard the other day that a local man had been taken in for the missing/murdered woman his name is going around also…has anyone else heard about this?

Haven’t heard anything and I think its rather dobutful.

If the RCMP had apprehended someone for the crimes and charged him or her, then I would think they would be letting everyone across the country in on the story. Such has been the pressure on them of late.

As for the name that you say is making the rounds, this is one of those things that somebody better have a hard copy of an arrest report and crown charges information before naming a name, otherwise somebody’s lawyer is going to make an awful lot of money.

Maybe the RCMP is talking to someone locally regarding some information into the crimes and this being the land of rumours, things went sideways…


If they had arrested someone it would be ALL over the news.


Come on Mike , we know that you have the story already, tells us about it .

Well I did hear… what’s that? A knock on the door? I’m not expecting anyone. Oh no… I think I’ve said too much!


I heard that it was the same cop that shot that dude in Houston that’s been responsible for all of the disappearances.

Oh you’re going straight to hell for that one…lol

Well more likely a trip to the Wasteland, but it definately made me laugh.


I too heard about this late Tuesday evening… was a guy by the name of “Scott”, red-head, unattractive 50 year old.  However, this evening, an RCMP member by the name of Rob who just finished the cycle run for cancer had confirmed that it was only a rumour.

Don’t you just hate it when the cops do a random dead body check at the most inconvenient time?

In the summer of 2005 the police came to my house in Edmonton to check for a corpse.  It was the alleged body of my ex-summer-tennant’s girlfriend (who was also a tennant).

Minutes after the police did the check, said ex-tennant was arrested for being a piece-of-shit-meth-junkie.

<br >Via: VideoSift

I lived in a good neighborhood though (University), it’s just that the Meth-junkies fly under the radar and move in on naive kids such as myself…

OMG Prince Rhumorville: Get with the program here. I happen to personally know the SCOTT that has been mentioned in the highway of tears scam. Think about it the man is a work-a-holic he charters all spring and summer out of Rupert and his clients fly out to him. Fuel is bardged to him, and very rarely does he come into port other than to fuel up and  grab a bunch of grub at the local Safeway. Most of the supplies are brought to him out on the high seas.At most it is a 3 hour turn around and he is back out to the fishin grounds if and when he does come into port… Now when have these women gone missing along this highway of tears is in the summer time when he is no where in sight of land , but the idiots that started this rhumor did not think of that one did they. In the fall and winter he is driving logging truck on the sheer side of a mountain no where near the freeking highway. This is a rhumor that was started by another Charter Boat Operator out of Prince Rupert trying to take business away from him and load up the big mouths boat on a scare tactic. Infact I just had to call the Scott and have a nice long chat with the family over this latest rumor and if he was apprehended he does not recall that experience, you would remember that experience, he was not arrested for it either, he would also remember that experience, and no one in his family has been questiond or apprehended by any cops, and infact they did not even see a cop all summer and no cops called them either. There boats are registered with the Coast Guard and the RCMP and the Coast Guard have the cell numbers , the satelite phone number, and the shore power phone number and nope they did not call.The man is innocent  and a few people had better learn to get the story straight and at the same time tell the truth. For 17 years I lived in Prince Rhumorville and I am so glad to be away from there and the gossip, lies and deflamation of caracters that happen there on a daily basis. What a sad way to live your lives trying to ruin the life of another human being. Oh and they do know which charter boat operator started this rhumor.It is a rhumor and that is all it is a terrible one at that. Prince Rhumorville you make me so sad today.

rhumor is up there with scencirly

Are you trying to deflame his caracter?

OMG Prince Rhumorville: [/quote]

First of all. Google “paragraph”, and learn how to use them. Reading a wall of text is painful.

Wow. I totally believed this rumor until you came along a month later to debunk it for us. Phew… close one.  :unamused:


Reading that post made my rheumatism flare up.

Get with the program

…over this latest rumor… [/quote]

Firstly, the rumor is OLD NEWS and incase you missed it in your haste to spew rantage, it was virtually quashed at the onset here. Secondly, I don’t know what program you’re on, but it would be recommended to go back on your meds. Hopefully all Scott’s friends are not like you.Â

We’ll look forward to seeing you again in three months time. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v734/KForbes/haha-mit.gif