Local Hockey this weekend!

There is an Oldtimers/Ladies hockey tourney this weekend, at the Rupert Arena.  There will be 2 teams of Rupert Oldtimers, and our Adventure Paving Raiders Ladies team taking on other teams from the region. 

The games get kicked off tonight at 6pm, with Rupert vs Terrace, then Rupert 2 vs Kitimat, and then the ladies have the prime time game at 9pm vs Hazelton.

Saturday the men start at 7:30am, and the ladies at noon. 

Sunday the ladies play at 11:30am, and the men either play at 8:30am or 2:30, and Rupert 2 plays at 1pm.

There will be draws, 50/50 tickets, a loonie stick, and a BIG SURPRISE!!

Come on out and support your local hockey teams! 

Who are the referees these days?

The only ones that I have seen out this year so far have been Rob V, a couple other adults that I don’t know, and a bunch of minor hockey guys. 

Hockey misses you Charles_T!!

And I miss Hockey.

The only things that the locals participate in here are: