Local GPS Reception

Just wondering how GPS reception is around town as well as out to Port Edward? 

its all good, if you are driving, if you are hiking it depends on the amount of tree canopy there is. I have only lost signal in the bush.

Yeah, GPS doesn’t really get worse or better in most places on Earth, since the GPS constellation isn’t stationary.  There’s usually 24 or more satellites spinning around the Earth.  You only need to be able to “see” 3 of them to get a position.  If you see more than 3, you’ll have better accuracy.

So even if you have one mountain blocking the sky, it shouldn’t matter much.  If you’re in a deep valley, that’s a different situation.

The only time I’ve ever lost a GPS signal was in downtown locations (like downtown Calgary or Chicago) – then the buildings block and bounce the signals.  In these cases, just stopping for a few seconds fixed the problem.

What sort of GPS do you have MiG? I’ve been researching many models and I think I might go with a Colorado 300.

i have the mio c520 and hacked it, it runs windows, it has games, plays video, all sorts of things here is a few pics

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its all touch screen, easy to set up.

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I have a little Garmin Streetpilot, as well as a garmin rhino.  The Rhino is neat because it sends your coordinates to others whenever you speak to them using the radio.  So you always know where your hunting buddies are, they show up right on the map.

And of course, there’s the iPhone GPS, but I’m not going to do a screenshot, since it would have my house highlighted right now :wink:

MiG how fast is your phone when you use GPS? the time it takes to lock on to some sats. Do you get reception in your house?

Finds me in less than a second.  Yes, works inside. 

It uses A-GPS, so it has a big advantage over regular GPS. 

It uses the cell tower info (or wifi base station info, if no cell towers) to find the general location, then it’s much quicker to get a GPS fix.  Since the phone always knows where you are (at the neighbourhood level), it does the rest pretty quickly.

On a traditional GPS, most of the time spent finding you is in acquiring satellites first.  But if it already has a rough idea of where you are, then it is much faster. 

cool thanks MiG, what about battery drain on the Iphone using those services? the reason I ask is that I have updated my HTC touch firmware with the GPS service, and its fast though, I find it can drain the battery fast if you forget to turn it off, when not being used…

Well, considering that the GPS is only on until it finds you, I don’t think it has much of an effect on the battery life.  You switch to Google maps, it turn on the GPS just long enough to find you.  Maybe a second or two, tops.

I guess if you sit there asking it to find you constantly, it would drain the battery.  But why would you do that? 

It’s A-GPS, too, so I guess it doesn’t need to be on as long as regular GPS.

I installed tomtom GPS software on to my phone, it rocks it speaks to me I can plan my trip and it gives me directions, not bad…
better then Google maps.
here are some screen shots.

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