Local Garbage Dumps

Anyone been on that ledge beside Inn on the harbour and looked down? theres about 500 beer and wine plastic bags and 2000 bottle caps.

And whats going on with that dump out on the highway where the big rain sign use to be?  I heard at one point it was going to be a campsite

Yeah the mess down below Inn of the Harbour, is leftovers from the drinking crowd young and old,if you got something to drink or smoke you may join in. The what looks like a dump is owned by Basso and I believe he will just keep hanging on to it, he has been threatening to put an RV park there since 1994 was in council meetings so many times.

Two people have been dispatched for the first location clean-up  :smiley:

As for the place that is out on the highway,It is “NOW” owned by City. Me and My Uncle were talking with a couple gent’s that were taking samples of the soil early last week. “Nothing is decided by city what to do with it” was what they had said. ((didnt catch the names (my uncle may have))All I was personaly Told was there was A TON of P.C.V and MUCH more in the soils.    What had happend was the old guy that lived there (older man) named Lenny OR Larry (could not remember) was not home (thank god) when the fire ended up happening. But I guess the week after that happend. He ended up going back south where his family is and sadly Passed away 3 months later.My uncle was a good friend with him. I didnt know him.

Sindicat - you are talking about a completely different place.  The one previously referred to is just a few hundred yards down from the “fire” place.  It is the cleared out area in that little inlet that is being referred to, n’est ce pas?

That’s Miller Bay, isn’t it?  They have some construction trailers down in there but no action as of yet !  Been the same for over 2 years now  :confused:

Miller bay is on the other side. Where the TB hospital is, or rather, was…

Ya ok…oldtimer…

More recently it was a fish farm, a you catchem trout ponds and a petting zoo…

Now its a paintball zone. Quite the set up they have out there.

:smiley: That would be PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl ). I read that and had a vision of a bunch of pipe buried in the ground.

The pipe is called PVC, not PCV.

PCV ,  stands for positive crank case ventilation

Pressure control valve, in my world.

Path Coding Violation

Good letter from Charlotte Rowse in the paper tonight, hope we do have as many people show up.

That it was and a very dedicated lady as well, I wonder if Jacko and his team will pick up any garbage bags, maybe hang with the folks. It is so true how can this city council sit back in their stuffed chairs and not make a f#$&*in move that we can call positive. I would love to hear what some of those people coming in for the celebration are going to be saying under their breath. Then the tourist with all the cameras thinking they are in some slum town in Mexico. Talking with a lady today , she said that she was in China last year and the towns, villages are so clean and she could not understand this shit happening here.

Yes the challenge is on!!! However; Terrace did have a dumpster set up so the volunteers had a place to dump the garbage, have yet to see the city do that here? No mention of appreciation of the volunteer work done last month, but that is ok, kind of use to no thanks.

How hard is it on Friday to put the dumpster down by the SQCRD office and at the city’s convenience, they can pick it up on Monday? 

As for participation of the Mayor, does an official invite need to be forward to him? I have never seen him participate volunteer work before he was Mayor, I stand corrected if someone can clarify his “volunteer work” before becoming Mayor.

Was Terrace’s dumpster just for the clean-up day, or was it a free dumpster to discourage people from just chucking junk in the bushes?

I know for the Civic Pride cleanups here, you can either bring the bags back to the central location, which is usually Mariner’s park (I saw two girls at the last cleanup transporting about six bags inside an old but still rollin’ shopping cart back to the park for pick-up); or if you’re cleaning up in your neighbourhood, you can put the bags out at your regular garbage collection day and they do not count toward your regular two-bag limit.

Regarding City Council’s involvement in the Civic Pride clean-up day, since we’re all so good at typing out our gripes here,  maybe we should each send them an email inviting them.  If it’s in their in-box it’ll be harder for them to ignore.  :smile:

I would venture to say that possibly his Mayorship  :unamused: believes that is a volunteer position but that would be an insult to all the wonderful volunteers who work so hard for us all !