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Which is the better computer store?

  • Creative
  • Data Boy

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A nice keyboard is $70 and up.

If you buy it here (Creative Systems), a nice keyboard will cost you $400, but we’ll install the drivers for free.


No way! For free! Woe, that’s a sweet deal! Haha.


It’s today’s special.

If you want the keyboard tommorow though, you’ll have to pay the hourly labour charge.


And how many hours does it take to install those drivers.
Also, I was being sarcastic in my last post.
Also, shouldn’t you be helping customers?


Depends on which tech you get.

ME - Around 5 Mins, as I have to wait for the computer to boot, etc.
Jason - Rest of the day while he looks for the serial port.


Well, if I was to buy a $400 dollar keyboard tomorrow, I would request the drivers put in for free… no wait, why would someone need you to install drivers for them? Silly n00bs.


i believe its called a scandal…then they call you and say that there were some unpexpected problems with the device and that you’re going to need a new HD to go with it…then they charge you over…700 dollars for the whole kit 'n kaboodle…

or you can just go steal one…that usually works…sometimes


scandal??? Try effective businesses technique, and it’s such a good deal. I can’t figure out why we haven’t sold any though…


You haven’t sold any because Creative Systems r sux! With all of your high ram prices and such, $95 for a 256mb chip of SD Ram? Bah!


Ouch. :cry:

Lifetime warranty and gold plated contacts. We don’t stock anything else, but that wasn’t my idea. It may be expensive, but lets see you try and claim warranty on a bad piece you bought over a year ago from any other company!


I think that if a 256mb chip of ram was $78 then Creative Systems would be better.


whatever…effective business technique…scandal…same difference…whatever you want to call it…hahaha, such a good deal…what? you get a 400 dollar keyboard…and you install drivers for free? wwoooooo…thats hardcore…my little brother can install drivers…why would you want to offer to install drivers for free? afterall…it is a 400 dollar keyboard…so why not offer a 100 dollar mouse to go along with it? eh?




Yeah, if you’re going to get computer stuff locally, get it from DataBoy (the place next to Star of the West Books).

It doesn’t cost much more there than it does to order from NCIX and pay for shipping.

Creative is full of thieves and idiots. Haha, I heard once that a business called someone there to set up a network or some shit, and they charged 90 bucks an hour, AND counted the time it took walking to and from Creative to the business.

They also wanted like 130 bucks for a USB hub! Don’t those cost like 30 bucks or something?

And I picked up a keyboard for free. A nice IBM Rapid Access II Keyboard. Haha, no way I’d pay for one. You just gotta ask around, and someone will give one to you.

Thanks to everyone who offered me one!


they charged for the walk to and from the business??? :open_mouth: hahahah…thats funny. how much did they charge? 10 dollars a step? lol


I hate defending my store, but here goes.

  1. It’s normal practice to charge travel. That also covers expenses that the customer doesn’t directly see. We could not charge travel, but then we’d have to jack our rates. In Vancouver for the same service, you’re looking at $120. It ends up being cheaper for the customer if we do it this way.

  2. If something goes wrong after we leave, if it’s related to anything we touched whether it’s our fault or not, chances are we’d come back for free. It’s called liability.

  3. Our hourly rate is not $90, it’s $60. The $30 is travel. Flat rate.

Again, we don’t stock anything else, but that wasn’t my idea. It’s Belkin. Belkin is supposed to be the best. We could stock cheaper stuff, but we find we loose more than we make when the cheep stuff gets returned cause it didn’t work. Also, it was USB2, but I don’t know what the rest of the world charges for a USB2 Hub.


I dunno man. I’m impressed with my wireless logitech kb and mouse. They lok nice, work anywhere in the room, mouse is optical, volume control and play buttons inset into the keyboard work nicely, and dont’ feel cheap… Plus it work siwth winamp, sonique, whatevr tickles yoru fancy.

I spent roughly $150 on this, and don’t regret it at all. $70 would get you a nice keyboard. It completely depends on what your shopping for though. I’m sur eyou could get a nice wireless one for $70 bucks.

The new microsoft “blue” series also looks nice. I hate split keyboards though.



um, i think you forgot insurance in explanation 1…afterall, you wouldn’t want a sea gull pooping on your head now would you? or in the mishap that one of the dear CS techie falls and scrapes his hand.


Haha, DataBoy pwns j00! Hey, does Griz work there or is he always coincidentally there whenever I am?


hey orangetang…does the volume control on your keyboard take 20 seconds or so to actually increase/decrease the volume? i heard that that was an issue with those keyboards…also…has anyone tried the new Logitech MXâ„¢700 Cordless Optical Mouse … i hear that its supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry with its Fast RF Cordless Technology…supposedly creating the responsiveness of a corded mouse…