LNG plant killed in Prince Rupert

The good news I guess, is we all won’t blow up.

The bad news is that there won’t be any jobs created at an LNG plant in Prince Rupert, as there won’t be one built here after all…  :unamused:

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A bit of background on the project

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This is why there have been so many skeptics surrounding any and all of the proposed developments in town.  We have all been led down the golden path too many times only to have things end with disappointment.  I do feel that the skepticism around the port is almost gone.  Now if the native claims surrounding it could be resolved then we’ll be free and clear.

I still hear alot of doubts about the proposed mall development on the highway.  The Westpac project is another good reason why, I suppose, we shouldn’t get our hopes up until ground is broken.  Good news is that now there is more land available on Ridley for something else to take its place.  A waterfront park perhaps?

I don’t really believe that they ever had an intentions on building a LNG Plant here anyway. It my personal belief that they were sniffing around this area to try and find investors to support their project.  Now, we will just have to wait and see what their true intentions will be in Texada.

Was that LNG Plant another one of Hollywood Herb’s pipe dreams. He has so many pipe dreams in his head but he seems to be forgetting about the real things that are happening in this place call Rinse Pupert , I believe the rest of council have the same problem , I say they must get out from behind their desks and walk among the wolves in our downtown area.

Right on JC, you hit the nail on the head.  Pond and most of those Council members have their heads buried in the sand, and are having a difficult time finding a way to dig themselves out.  This council needs to wake up and recognize that just because these big players might show interest one day, they are still continually looking in other directions as well.  20 years ago we heard the same thing, and 20 years from now we will be hearing it again.  I won’t be holding my breath…

Anyone heard anything about the Pulp Mill?  They were supposed to be running by January '08 in order to get the tax break.  Another stellar move by our Council.  Any litigation on the horizon?

I don’t know, the fate of the pulp mill is anyone’s guess. :smiley:
What will the Chinese do?  When will they do it?  Can City Council do anything about this fiasco?  I sure do hope that the mill fires up at some point, it would be good for PR.

I think that we all need to be realistic about the pulp mill, and finally come to terms that it will never open.  As it sits today, the money that would be required to upgrade it would not be worth the pulp it is written on - unfortunately.  However, the same council that sits in those positions today, had a perfect opportunity to acquire the mill for taxes with the same conditions that any private business had and maybe find some outside funding to re-invent the wheel and find ways to make it a viable operation that would once again employee the good citizens of Prince Rupert.

I can’t see the Chinese buying it just to sit on it.  It’s been obvious for some time that they don’t have any intent on firing that baby up.  I’m not sure where they’d get a chip supply at this point either.  They must have something up their sleeve.

Sad, but true.  Agreed.  I don’t think the Chinese will start-up Skeena Cel any time soon.  I’m also curious as to what they’re planning.  The Chinese may be taking a long term view.

One source told me that they plan on clearing the property to store their containers.  They can also use the facility to load and unload, which would save them money on fees that they would otherwise have to pay the Port.

yes the land is worth more to the Chinese then the pulp mill, they bought it for other reasons unknown to us.

I think now its time for Council to shit or get off the pot and demand our taxes or proceed with legal action.  Prince Rupert residents have been on this roller coaster far too long.  It would be nice if we weren’t also the last ones to find out what is going on in our on city.

Agreed.  But, you and I both know the Council is full of shit.  It is all a lot of hot air.  I predict that nothing of consequence will happen here from our end. 
I feel saddened by this realization. :frowning:

Council Watch you are a smart fellow or lady, we elect our city council and as such we should hold them accountable when crap happens. We elected these individual into city council for what we think they could do, if they cant deliver I think they should be gone now and not in 4 years, frick at that rate we will be deeper in the shit then before. I believe if bad things happen they happen here, Prince Rupert has the worst luck a city could have. I Love Prince Rupert been here close to 20 years and will live and die here I just wont be buried here. Not until city takes control of the grave yard and treat our dearly departed with dignity. Instead of letting the grave yard go to shit. Most city’s in this province and Canada treat there grave yards like a park and not a frickin Bog, oh ya it is a bog…LOL.

City has one thing on its mind ands it shity tel. we all should be getting a fricken discount on our service as it has been lacking the last few years.
Really I do love Rupert, its so beautiful and majestic, but the fricken city is letting big business restrict more and more access to land its not funny. You cant hike here you cant drive there, you cant do this you cant do that… erg piss me off sorry for going on a rant, I do love you Prince Rupert, I hope city will listen and wake up…

I like that Astrothug but don’t lose it here because we will need you when we can finally get Hollywood Herb and his band of Merry Men to listen to the citizens. I do believe that we must speak up and speak out on some of these issues. No place to walk , no place to drive and with how rent is going up no fricken place to live . Time to turn some heads if you know what I mean .

[quote=“Justin Case”]
I like that Astrothug but don’t lose it here because we will need you when we can finally get Hollywood Herb and his band of Merry Men to listen to the citizens.[/quote]

We actually have a lot of power.  We vote!
If we don’t like what City Hall is doing we can send them packing. 
Hopefully, the members of Council will understand the critical needs of our town.

The LNG plant was never coming gang!!  I t was all a farsical situation of hype, thats all.  Just like the former PPWC workers waiting for the mill to open…it was never going to happen.  The city should reclaim the land property and operate the mill.  They are sending chips via barge outta there. 
The customs facility will housed in ol’ building 56, form what I have heard.
Personally I hope it never operates again prince rupert has recovered from the closure of the mill.  It was so hit and miss.
We have so much more to look forward to…

We need a few good candidates that can unseat a few of the incumbents.  Herb has the gift of gab and sells himself well.  We need someone who can hold his ground with him come election time, but with some more substance.

The city should reclaim the land property and operate the mill.  [/quote]

Personally I hope it never operates again prince rupert has recovered from the closure of the mill.  [/quote]

Um… what?