LNG Industry wants it even cheaper!

timescolonist.com/opinion/co … -1.2004929

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"… LNG Alliance president David Keane told reporters: …“We still have some work to do to make sure we’re globally competitive.”

"While the Opposition spent the week questioning why the industry is entitled to 25 years of certainty that specific taxes and government costs won’t be raised, Keane stressed B.C. is the only jurisdiction that’s charging such costs in the first place.

“This is the only one with a special LNG tax, the only one with a carbon tax,” he said."

timescolonist.com/opinion/co … -1.2004929

It’s not unreasonable for the LNG industry to seek the best tax deal possible. It is business after all and you don’t succeed without being shrewd.

You do not succeed without making a profit. Good grief! If they cannot make some money on the project, they will invest elsewhere. Are we collecting enough money, well, I do not see any other company willing to jump into the fray. I think there are too many people who think that a business who makes a profit out of the "sweat of someone else’s labor " is somehow immoral.

If no one is making money, not much happens. Look at the experience of every “communist” government. People are self-serving.

I think we need to land the first whale and, if things go well for them, we can jack up the prices on the late-comers (ps WWF folks, "whale’ is a being used as a metaphor).

Meanwhile, why are we selling water to Nestle Foods at an outrageously cheap price? The minister has been quoted as say " we do not want to commoditize water’. This person is charged with looking after our interests! Does she not realize that water is the most important commodity in the world. If she doesn’t know this, perhaps she should try doing without it. Ask the folks in California. Ask the legislatures in all the USA western states. Water is a huge, huge, issue. There is an old USA saying “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over”. Where on earth did Christie find this woman?

on the water front thanks to NAFTA if we commoditize water then we can not refuse selling it to the US, it would be subject to export and we can not refuse allowing it to be exported, that is what the minister was talking about.