Livin' la vida terrace

it was crazy today in terrace it was 22 degrees…dang!

if only it wasn’t such a shit hole

it’s worse in the summer when it gets to the 40s, the whole town starts to smell like horseshiiit

i would rather be in terrace at least it dos not smell like rotten fish and garbage!!! :imp:

Too funny, so you choose horse shit over rotten fish? I don’t live near the reduction plant so I don’y have to live with any stench. Anyway on the topic of town smells what does your town reek of? For example i hear Chilliwak smells of Cow Shit are there any others out there?

calgary smells of money and plastic surgery…oh and sweet sweet oil

Calgary doesn’t have Oil… they have Chequebooks.

Edmonton has the real Oil, and the Greasers to go with it.

you got your facts wrong dude, southern and central alberta has more oil then the rest of the country, it’s just drilled in shallow wells.  i spent some time on a driling rig, and i’m pretty sure i was in the south

both terrace and Calgary/Edmonton are still better than Saskatoon Saskatchewan, plus terrace has three tim hortons, mmmmmm doughnuts:)