Live! From Fort St. James

I guess I can’t say nothing ever happens: Caught live, directly in front of one of our webcams, I bring you:

Happened right before my eyes, so being a good x-employee I tried to call it in. The line feeds a subdivision, the medical clinic, the hospital, the rinks, etc. If the guy had tried the entrance before, he would have taken out our phone and data lines too.
8 calls before I finally just dialed 0, demanded “manager” and refused to speak until I got one.
I had to speak rrreeeeaaaaallllyyyy slow so he got the message there was a cable down, but wasn’t quite convincing enough that he made me believe he understood.
Anyways, the truck is still in the road three 1/2 hrs later, the road is blocked off. At 3:30 I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went over and asked why they didn’t unhook the hooked cable, move the truck and block the entrance where the cable would fall.
They weren’t sure that it was phone and not hydro. The driver had been sent to get papers out of his truck and the cop that said that was leaning against it. I shrugged and told them if it was 14.4KV they’d already be puffs of smoke and left them to it.
What would I know a 300 pair shielded phone cable from a hydro line (clue: the pairs wre dangling and still on Bix connectors that pulled from the splice). I may have been be the phone guy for this town for ten years, but now I’m just a stoopid local from the Fort.

Communication junk is almost always on the bottom of a pole and is shielded. They definitely woulda known if it was 14.4kv’s!

I dunno. We’re talking about an agency that searched Pictons pig farm for two months before someone thought to open the freezers…

[quote]But police during their only grilling of Pickton did not confront him with those gruesome discoveries because they had not yet made them.

More than two weeks after they had taken possession of the seven-hectare farm, investigators still had not opened the large refrigerated chests in Pickton’s workshop.

It would take them another six weeks!

Incredibly, the court has heard police found the body parts on April 4, 2002 only after a power interruption made them fear the contents of the freezers might defrost.

No wonder so many are so critical of the investigators in this case.[/quote]