Live Chat test

If you’d like to try the chat feature up there on the main menu – you’ll need to update to the latest version of Flash.

It should be here: … kwaveFlash

Cool idea, Mig. :sunglasses:

Should we make this permanent?  Ie: on its own page?


Yeah, that would be very cool. :sunglasses:

Great Idea as long as there’s an ignore button… :wink:

LOL :smiley:

I think there is… right-click and “block”

Try it out, on the top menu now.

Hmm, whenever I click on chat I just get an error on page message at the bottom left corner…

dang, I was looking so forward to ignoring mcsash :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm.  what’s it say?

Maybe I will just link directly to it…

Edit:  ok, I see what’s going on… Works in Firefox, but not IE.  I’ll fix it in a second or two.  Or longer :wink:

Edit2:  ok, fixed – left off a comma.  I’m an idiot.

Edit3:  looks like it doesn’t work so well with IE.  Try Firefox, or try updating to the latest version of Flash.  I’m upgrading my IE with Flash 9 to see if it fixes things.