Little Britain

Has anyone seen any episodes of this comedy?  I just downloaded the 3rd session, and watched most of the 1st episode.  Interesting stuff…very politically incorrect.  Does the PC movement still exist?

Very funny stuff.  “The Only Gay in the Village” is funny.  As is Kelsey Grammar school.

I kinda think that being the only gay in the village would be sad, don’t you? :confused:

I’m going to have to get some cds and have a friend burn the show for me.  It sounds like fun.

Well, the gag is that he isn’t the only gay in the village, though he seems to wish he were. 

Yeah, I kind of figured. 

I (heart) Youtube:

The only gay in the village videos:



A lot more on youtube – just search for “Little Britain”

Okay, I’m definitely going to need a copy of these shows.  It’ll give me something to fill the time between soccer games.

It’s an awesome show. I love it a lot.