Lions D'Or

Once a year, when I was a university student, I would go to the student cinema to watch the collection of entries to the  Cannes Advertising Film Festival.  It was always great.  The good news is that the festival is still running and they have a great archive site:

Check out the Ikea lamp commercial

I remember the Ikea Lamp one, very awesome.

Another plug for the Age of Persuasion Podcast if you’re into advertising.

Hey MiG, check out this clock widget for your iPhone:

Ah yeah, Uniqlo.  I actually buy quite a bit from them.  They have really good cool-max t-shirts for summer.

Cool-max t-shirts are all I wear in  the spring, summer and fall.  You can jump in the water with them and they dry very fast.  Great for water sports like kayaking.
Got an online shopping link for them?

This week’s Age of Persuasion (a repeat, unfortunately) actually talked about the Lions D’Or and the Ikea ad in particular.  The agency that created the ad came out of nowhere, and has been very innovative in its practice.